@alex Are you the maintainer of the typing notice plugin for WeeChat? :) I hope it's okay to ask you this here, if else, just ignore it.

I just installed the plugin and I like it, but it would be nice if the typing notice would go away after a while if the person doesn't send a message. Having the "typing: <user> stale" for days upon days gets old. Pun intended. ;)

Also, "typing" should be "Typing" with a capital "T". :)

Thank you for your time!

Alexander Schremmer @alex

@hund I am the author but the plugin is currently unmaintained as I am not using weechat anymore.

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@alex That sucks for me. :) I don't have enough knowledge to fix it myself.

Thank you for the reply though!

May I ask why you stopped using it?

@hund I wanted to reduce the attack surface (less lines of code in an unsafe language) and switched to a solution that allowed me integrate XMPP and IRC better (biboumi + poezio).

@alex That looks interesting. I'll have to look into that. :)

I hope I'm not too rude for asking. But would you consider helping me adding a reset feature to the plugin? So one can choose to reset the typing notice for whoever has been typing for X seconds?

I've currently been looking at a friend that has been 'writing' me a message for 3 days now. :/